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Rehabilitation of Vernacular farm building in rural South Armagh, Ireland. We were asked to carefully rehabilitate a 200 year old stone building. Sensitive repair to the fabric, replacing of the lost roof and changes integrated to significantly improve the atmosphere from a dark donkey house to workplace and temporary living space

Technical Design 


Tasked with creating a larger and more comfortable headquarters for a construction material manufacturer. This project was a response to an abandoned previous scheme for a new building became unfeasible, GAAN Architects developed a scheme working within a warehouse owned by the company to carve out new workspaces filled with natural light and natural ventilation. 

Technical Design 



Within a 1800's fisherman's cottage, 2 metres from the Atlantic ocean. GAAN Architects created a new interior which at once provides thermal upgrades and creates usable modern living spaces without the need for additional construction.

Under Construction



GAAN Architects were approached to develop concepts to reimagine how an extended multi generational family can live within a house of the middle size in the Irish Mid lands.

Sketch Design


A small project to rework the entrance to a non descript mid 90's Irish bungalow with significant access and light issues. Here we worked to create a new arrangement of doors and skylights to bring light deeper into the house. This project also included some more discrete works to repair elements throughout the house and generally improve the thermal performance of the scheme.

Under Construction



A self constructed piece of complex, double sided and interlocking storage furniture for a collector couple. One side for antique watches and tools. The other for writing equipment. 

The piece is an exercise in using coppiced, small pieces of hazel for the legs adapting to the organic inconsistent forms of these. These timbers were harvested from the garden of the client.

This is placed in contrast to the saw marked cherry timber of the drawers floating above.

Complete 2021

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